Winter Project Updates

Since our Last Farmers Market in December and CSA in January we have been hard at work on winter projects. In the midst of all our winter projects we started seeding in the greenhouse for our first spring transplants. Now a few weeks later, the greenhouse is nearly full and we are well into our winter underway on all our other projects.

1. New Greenhouse Tables and Sawhorses.


-It takes one 16 foot 2×4 to make one sawhorse. And 4 angle cuts. We came up with a design for our tables that involves no wire mesh on top at  the end. I always hate how its snags your clothes and hands, and am very happy with our end product.


2. New Wash Station Addition

-We dug 12 holes 18 inches deep and 7 inches wide by hand. Then sank 6″x 6″ posts. After that we made our roof out of2x6’s and 1×4’s. Followed by tin.

-Now I have the pleasure of designing our new space, which is 3 times larger than our old washing area. This includes 2 new dunking stations, a new spray station and a greens wash station. As well as organizing our new packing area with some new shelves.

3. Chicken Coop

-we have purchased a used trailer, taken the old flooring out and gotten a few pieces cut off. We have begun framing out our coop with 2×4’s, hardware cloth for the floor (1×1 inch pvc coated) and, covering two the sides with chicken wire. More pictures to come.


4. Making our electric fence taller


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