The waiting game…

One thing I have learned this past year is that farming requires a good deal of patience. It’s either waiting for Summer to come so we can enjoy tomatoes, waiting for Fall to come so we can escape the heat, or waiting for Winter to come so we can sleep. Waiting for Spring, however, feels like it requires the most patience of all. Last week, Paige tilled practically the whole farm so the cover crop will be incorporated by the time we need to prepare the beds for planting.  Our greenhouse is filling up fast with Spring crops and even some Summer ones, like peppers. Seeing the fields empty with such mild weather this February, creates an anxious feeling, like there is a rush to fill the farm up with food. So this is where the patience comes in. We must wait a little longer for the crops in the greenhouse to get bigger and wait for the rain to stop and the fields to dry out before preparing them for peas, beets, and carrots. I may feel impatient now, but I know soon enough the fields will become full with beautiful crops for our CSA members, market customers, and restaurants. It has also been good to use this time for productive projects that will make the season run even even smoother. Looking forward to a great growing season.  Below is a picture of the farm, coming out of its Winter hibernation.

The Farm is ready for Spring!


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