The chicks have arrived!!

This past week we prepared for some new additions to the farm, our new batch of baby chicks! The chicks are a welcome reminder that winter won’t last forever and that spring will soon be here. After spending time researching breeds and estimating costs we ordered 50 chicks of 4 different breeds.

We selected Americana, Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red and California White chicks for their egg color, egg productivity, and broodiness. Americana’s lay blue to blue-green eggs and are also known as Easter Eggers. Barred Rock chickens have dark grey/white coloring and it is said that the barred grey pattern camouflages them against the eye of predators. Rhode Island Reds are the best layers of all the brown egg breeds and lastly California White’s are prolific white egg layers and adapt well to being free range.

The chicks came via mail and were picked up at the post office. We immediately put them in their brooder, which is a circle of cardboard filled with pine shavings. Since then they have been staying warm in their new home under two heat lamps. They are growing strong and healthy and already starting to get feathers on their wings. Here are some photos of the little ladies.

chicks just a few hours old

staying warm under the heat lamp

It is great fun watching them grow everyday. In about 5-8 weeks they will be big enough to move outside and in about 4-5 months we will be getting tasty fresh eggs from them!


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