Spring is here!

With the first day of spring quickly approaching our minds and hands are in constant motion.  We’ve got potatoes and broccoli in the ground, beets and carrots popping out, and peas pushing towards the sky .  The lazy feeling of winter has been shrugged off for the busy spring feeling and the weather is quickly warming up.  Our high tunnel construction is underway and lots of the fields are changing daily as we prepare to fill them with spring crops.  I have to say that with our frequent ice storms of winter I’m actually glad to feel warm again[will last until August].

Our apprentices for this year arrived only days ago and we’ve already put them to the test.  They have been busy seeding in the greenhouse, spreading compost, and weeding like machines.  It’s great to have two more sets of hands around the farm.  The apprentices for the year are Ryan and Maya.  You’ll soon be seeing them at our farmer’s market and CSA pickup.  We are grateful to have them with us and are hopeful to have them ‘graduate’ and become farmers here in GA.

We have a wonderful season in store for everyone.  We’ve listened to our CSA members and hopefully tweaked our crop plan to suite your tastes.  We are really excited to have another years worth of knowledge [and mistakes] to learn from.

Just this last weekend we all visited Savannah for the Georgia Organics conference.  It was an awesome time!  Paige and I gave a presentation on Practical Pest Management and it was well received.  We described our bio-intensive pest management strategies and talked about how we ensure you guys receive clean healthy produce by using cultural and preventative measures.  We had a chance to do some networking and meet some of the new farmers in GA.  It was also the GROW! movie premier.  We really felt like movie stars and we can’t emphasize how inspired we felt as we watched the movie.  I hope that everyone of you will make an effort to catch it at some point in the future.  We’ll give more details later about how you can see it.

I look forward to seeing all of your faces again this season.  If you haven’t already signed up for our CSA program please do.  It’s a commitment to eating healthy and supporting local farms.  Know where your food comes and make sure it’s clean food!


One response to “Spring is here!

  1. Man! Got the chance to see Grow! in Savannah, amazing movie! Congrats to y’all for being in it! I was totally moved while watching it. Can’t wait for the CSA to start (I know, been busy but AM rejoining this year!)!

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