Recipe: Its the end of the peppers, bring on burrito night!

Gretchen and I had an awesome burrito night at the end of last week. It was soo good, I think it put me into a food coma. (I am also sure the long day we had also helped with that!) It was a great way to use up lots of peppers, and a few other farm veggies.  

Burrito Night:
Spicy Ground Beef and Spicey Diced Chicken
Plate of toppings: sauteed peppers and onions, chopped up lettuce, chopped tomatoes, grated cheese.
Spanish style rice
Homemade Queso (cheese dip)

1.Start cooking brown rice.
2. Season ground beef and chicken with oil, garlic, salt, pepper, dash of red pepper, dash of cayenne, dash of cumin, dash of tumeric. (basically any hot-ish spices you enjoy).
3.  Chop up veggies: peppers and onions (thick for inside burritos, and small diced for spanish rice), mince garlic, chop lettuce and tomatoes, grate cheese.
4. Make Queso. Melt 4 tablespoons butter in sauce pan, add one tablespoon flour, mix together. Add one cup milk. Mix with whisk. Then add 3/4 cup desired cheese (we used a mix of chedders, and colby jack). Add dash of ground red pepper, and or minced hot peppers (1/2 a jalapeno for example)
5. Heat up wok with oil. Cook Ground Beef, and set aside. Cook chicken in same wok, set aside.
6. Saute peppers and onions in wok.
7. Turn on oven, heat up tortillas, also a great place to keep all hot things warm until meal is ready.  
8. Cook spanish rice: We made it vegetarian. Saute garlic and onion for one minute, add peppers, cook for 4 more mins. Add in canned corn and cooked black beans. Saute for two mins. Add cooked brown rice and mix together. Season with desired spices (same as meat, salt, pepper, red pepper, cayanne, turmeric, cumin)

Serve everything seperate, so everyone can make their own burrito. The queso is amazing on the burritos, and or as an appetizer with tortilla chips. 

Note-The great thing about this meal, was with gretchen’s help we finished it in the time it takes to cook brown rice, about 45 mins! We made one fumble, when we realized we only had four tortillas, and had invited our friend RJ over, who made it just in time. But one and half was plenty for me! And the leftovers were amazing. We ate all the chicken, but mixed the leftover ground beef with the leftover spanish rice the next day for lunch, and ate it with tortilla chips, amazing! Too bad there was no queso left, must have been good! Ooh and extra corn and beans work well in my broccoli and bok choy stir fry recipe.


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