Recipe: Using the CSA Share Week 11

When I cook I usually do not use any recipes. I’ll look for ideas and things, as a starting point, but after that I just cook things how I like to eat them, and with ingredients I enjoy. So I thought I would try and do this with this weeks CSA share. I sat down and wrote out everything in the share this week, and then figured out exactly what I would cook with everything, using every last bit. I am hoping like me, this will give some of you ideas, on how to use the CSA share this week. I had a bunch of ideas, and whether you pick up on the farm or in ATL will vary the share by only a few items. I am including every possible item anyone could have received this week. Let me know if any of this was helpful, and I will try and do it periodically on the blog. Enjoy!

CSA Week 11 Meal Ideas:
Blueberry pancakes, or diced melon, with hash browns. Quiche with Perpetual spinach and onions.

Lunch: Marinated kohlrabi salad, fennel coleslaw, and boiled or steamed edamame

Dinner: Pesto and Mozzerella Stuffed Chicken Breast, vegetable lasagna or eggplant parm, and glazed carrots

******Read below for more detailed information about each meal. I also added some notes about how to keep harvested herbs fresh.

Meal Details and Methods:

Blueberry pancakes:

3/4 cup flour
1 tpsn baking powder
1/2 tspn salt
2 tbspn sugar
1 1/2 tbspn melted butter
1/2 cup millk
1 egg-seperated
1/2 tspn vanilla extract

note: this recipe is enough for about 4 medium sized thick pancakes.


Put flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt in one bowl and sift together.

In seperate bowl place cooled melted butter, vanilla and egg yolk in small bowl, and whisk together. Then add milk and whisk together.

Pour milk and egg mixture into flour mixture and whisk till blended. In seperate bowl, beat egg white until peaks form, and mix into batter. At this point if you desire a thinner pancake add more milk, or thicker, add more flour. Its up to you.

Heat griddle or flat frying pan, to low-medium heat, put butter on pan, let it melt then pour batter onto pan, making whatever size pancakes you desire. After a minute or two place berries on pancakes while on pan, gently pushing down. When batter starts to bubble, and one side has browned flip pancakes over. When other side is brown, serve and eat them while they’re hot! I like to cook mine very slowly, so the berries cook nicely, and lose their hard texture.

Note: You can also use buttermilk instead, just decrease the baking powder to 3/4 tps and add 1/4 tspn of baking soda.


First grate a few potatoes, using the largest grater you have, then chop peppers and onions. Usually two medium potatoes makes enough for two good portions. It also might be good to soak up some of the water from potatoes using a paper towel. Heat up pan and pour a tablespoon or two of oil in, then add onions and peppers, and saute for a minute or two. Then add grated potatoes. I like to cook my hashbrowns on about 6-7 on our stove, so roughly 70 percent heat, it needs to be hot enough to brown the potatoes but not burn them, and not so cold that the poatoes turn mushy.  I cook mine for about 5-10 mins depending on heat.


First make pie crust: Mix 1 1/2 cups flour (all-purpose) with 2 tblspns sugar, and 1/4 tspn salt. Sift together. Then using pastry blender, mix in one stick unsalted butter (needs to be room temp). When butter is nicely incorporated, mix in a few tablespoons of ice cold water with a fork. Then mix dough with hands until dough ball forms, add water as needed, only as  much as needed to combine dough, be light-handed. When ball is formed, wrap in saran wrap and place in fridge for at least a half an hour.

Preheat oven to 375. Oil whatever dish you are using for the quiche and then roll out dough to desired thickness and place in bottom of dish, saving some dough for the top crust. Brush with beaten egg and bake for a few minutes. Then place p. spinach and cheese in bottom of dish. You could even saute the p. spinach in garlic, with onions for a few minutes before adding. Then pour egg mixture on top. Roll out leftover dough and put on top crust..if top crust is desired. Brush with beaten egg, and bake for 30-40 mins.

Note: quiches are not scary or hard. The key is the egg to milk/cream ratio, other than that you can do whatever you want. In my experience the typical ratio is 4 eggs to every one cup milk/cream, however Joy of Cooking says its 3-4 eggs to 2 cups milk. Using cream instead of milk gives it a more custardy texture. I prefer cream. When I made a personal sized quiche in a pyrex dish, I used two eggs and half a cup cream, if this helps. Use as much cheese as you like. If you make a large one and use 6 eggs, and 1 1/2 cups cream, I would use about a cup and half of cheese, I used chedder. I also like to put salt and pepper into my beaten egg and cream mixture before I pour into dish over spinach.

Kohlrabi Salad:

Slice kohlrabi thin, then marinate in lemon juice, and chopped thyme, mint, parsley, or whatever herbs you have on hand that sound good, for a few hours. You can eat just the kohlrabi like this, or dice some carrots, and put this and the kohlrabi over lettuce, to make a larger salad. Also note, to keep herbs fresh, I like to put my parsley in a cup with water, covered in plastic in the fridge, and my basil in a jar of water on the counter, like flowers. Thyme, mint, oregano, lemon balm, etc…I like to keep wrapped in paper towel in a bag in the fridge, these only last a few days, where as the parsley will last a week.

Fennel Coleslaw:

Grate fennel, and carrots, chop onions, and mix with traditional slaw dressing of mayo, vinegar, sugar, and salt and pepper. Even add some red pepper flakes for a little bit of a kick.


Remove pods from stem/stalk. And rinse under water. Place in pot of boiling water with salt for 5 minutes, or until pods turn bright green and become tender. Drain and enjoy. Note: if you do not wish to eat edamame straight from pod as it is usually served, boil it first, and then shell it before using in other dishes, like a stir-fry. Do not eat the pod, unless you like the fuzziness of it 🙂

Pesto and Mozzerella Stuffed Chicken Breast:

Make pesto. Add basil, garlic, parm, and toasted pine nuts in food processor. Marinate boneless skinless chicken breast, in herbs, Italian dressing, or a nice vinaigrette, for a few hours. I like to use a lemon balm vinaigrette I make.  Preheat oven to 350. Butterfly the chicken breast (Google this if you do not know how it is very easy). Season both sides of chicken with desired spices. Put a spoonful or two of pesto on chicken breast, towards the middle, then add thick slices of mozzarella, as many as you can fit and still roll the chicken up. Then roll chicken up, I use an awkward combo of toothpicks and poultry twine, its quite a mess, but trust me the end result is worth it. The goal here is to not let mozz or pesto ooz out while baking. When you feel like neither will successfully ooze out, brush with beaten egg, and with sprinkle bread crumbs. And bake in glass dish..roughly a half an hour..until chicken juices run clear. Then enjoy.

Veggie Lasagna or Eggplant Parm:

Ing: Ricotta, parm, mozzarella, eggplant, p. spinach peppers, onions tomatoes, egg, s & p, basil, lasagna noodles.

Make a traditional lasagna, using tomato sauce: sauteed peppers, onions, tomatoes, spices. Layer dish like so: sauce, noodles, ricotta (mixed with one egg), noodles, sauce, sauteed eggplant and p spinach, mozz and parm, noodles, ricotta mix, noodles, sauce, egg p and spin, mozz and parm, noodles, cheese. Bake for 30-45 mins at 350.

Can also make egg plant parm, using very similar layering, subbing eggplant slices instead of noodles, and most likely less layers.

Glazed Carrots:

Saute diced carrots in butter for a few minutes, then add chicken stock, and thyme if you have some. Cook on medium heat until carrots our tender roughly 10-15 mins. Add brown sugar and/or honey…enjoy!

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  1. Ashley!! Your newsletter and blogging this week is superb! Thanks so much for all of the helpful ideas and recipes!! I love seeing all of your ideas and look forward to more!!

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