Recipe: Onion Flower Fritters

Onion Flower Fritters

I admittedly repeat a dishes over and over when certain things are in season. Oddly these fritters have never turned out quite the same.  Note that the onion flowers have a slightly gooey texture so they work really well in fritter form.

Most of my repeat dishes include eggs…something about the simplicity and the way eggs can bind and become fluffy.  I’ve recently learned from a vegan friend that if you need a binder and want to forgo the gift of the chicken, you can grind flax seeds in a coffee grinder or a mortar and pestle and mix with a bit of water.  This substance is very sticky and replaces eggs very well.

Basic Ingredients:

3-5 eggs

1-1.5 c white flour (or substitute cornmeal, wheat flour, spelt, pancake batter, etc.)

2-3 onion flower stalks, diced into 1/4-1/2 inch chunks (use the whole stalk and you can save the top 3-4″ in water and watch the flower part bloom or use the flower part as a garnish)

1 T herbs or seeds of choice: parsley, chives, thyme, flax, sesame, etc.

.5-2 c favorite frying oil (or more or less depending on your desire to deep fry or pan fry)  I love coconut oil…it imparts a delightful sweetness in these fritters.

Salt and pepper to taste


First combine your dry ingredients including the herbs.  Keep the flour on hand in case you need more.

Second whisk your eggs together.

Now the fun part.  If your kids like to get messy, I imagine this would be a good task for them.  This part also calls for experimenting…I’m no chef, so if you have a better way, do it!

Grab a small handful of the diced onion flowers.  Dunk them in the egg batter.  Drop the eggy onion flowers into the dry batter and pat together between your hands until it forms a relatively stiff ball.  This sometimes takes squeezing and shaping until it sticks.

Heat the frying oil and carefully drop each fritter ball or disc into the oil.  Once the fritters are brown remove from oil and add salt and pepper.

Eat on a salad, dipped in ketchup or a favorite dipping sauce, or eat plain.  I think these things are pretty darn awesome, please share your experiences.


2 responses to “Recipe: Onion Flower Fritters

  1. Wow!!!! We cooked these tonight and they were amazing!! – “little bite-sized onion rings” Thanks so much for introducing us to this. Our first week in the CSA has been great!

  2. We also did this last week and my family liked this much better than onion rings or french fries. They are absolutely delicious and so easy.

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