Signs of spring

Here’s what’s happening in the most visited spot on the farm…the greenhouse:

-First table we seeded (Chinese cabbage and bok choi) is now out in the field

-Peppers putting on first true leaves (really tiny still)…these are the ones mentioned in the ‘Pepper Predicament’ post; the pepper tower worked great!

-First succession of brassicas (cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, collards, and kale) ready to go!  We’ll hopefully plant these out on Monday…Moon’s in Capricorn and fields will be dry enough to work up.  Good timing.

-First succession of tomatoes putting on true leaves…hopefully we’ll have a high tunnel to plant them into in early April

-Second succession of tomatoes (all heirloom) in our germination ‘tower’

-First lettuces, fennel, and green onions ready to go out!

I absolutely love the visual cycles and space transformation that farming provides.  I take great pleasure watching green luscious cover crops turn to bare earth and then to healthy plants.  Similarly, I enjoy watching the greenhouse tables empty and fill and empty and fill as the farmland receives the new babies.

I’m a believer of nature’s care and balance.  I always sigh with relief when I can finally send a crop from the somewhat sterile and unnatural greenhouse environment to real soil.  It’s this process that seems to define the months of March and April.  We’re so excited for spring.


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