Seeds…little packets of energy

I’ve always found seeds to be amazing.  All that life and energy sealed up in an itty bitty container just waiting for the perfect mix of water, warmth, and a comfy place to spread roots.

I’ve got seeds on the brain because today Justin and I finished up our big first seeding of the season.  We’ve got 7 full tables of about 100 trays filled with soil and seeds arranged neatly in our greenhouse.  The greenhouse still has a stark, sterile look to it but soon it’ll be full of green and life (and at least now it’s warm again).

Getting to the point of seeding is a tedious, creative, and Excel based process.  This year, we searched through about 17 seed catalogs, settling on ordering from 9 vendors.  I can’t really tell you what happens after that as it ranges from circling cool new varieties to consulting with our seed spreadsheets…one spreadsheet for how many seeds to order, one spreadsheet that logs important info about varieties, one that we use for our planting schedule. After a little price comparison and making sure we’re purchasing as much organic seed as possible, we pull the trigger.  This year we went a little off the wall, ordering over 350 varieties of vegetables alone!  When it’s time to keep track of all those little tomato transplants in 70 varieties, I know we’ll regret it.  But for now, I’ll dream of rainbows of colorful tomatoes brightening our harvests.

I bet the seed would be mystified to know that we can so complicate it’s simple existence with spreadsheets and the like.  I bet the seed would be downright irate to find out what else humans have done to complicate matters with genetic modification and unstable hybridization.

I’m assuming if you’re reading this and you have a garden, you’ve likely taken these cold and rainy winter days to order your seeds already.  If not, I encourage you to order seeds from companies that show responsibility and and sign the Safe Seed Pledge.  Some of these companies (and companies we really like) include: High Mowing Seeds, Johnny’s Seeds, Fedco Seeds, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Seed Savers.  And there are many more…

To me a seed is a symbol.  A symbol of purity and dormancy and potential energy.

Can you think of anything else that can fit in a small box and feed a community?

One response to “Seeds…little packets of energy

  1. Hi Farmer Paige! I’m trying to limit my mailorder purchasing or at least buy from local businesses, but I’m having trouble locating regional organic sources. Do you have any Southeast region seed/plant sellers on your favs list? Southern Exposure in VA was your closest listed. Thanks and can’t wait for next week’s first CSA share! YUM!


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