Ready, set, blog

Welcome to our brand new and improved website and blog!!  We hope to use this blog to share the methods to our madness and offer little tidbits of experience and some stories along the way.

Starting a blog is like breaking in a new pair of shoes.  I guess the best way to get started is just to start walking…or typing rather.  No better time to start then at the beginning of the season, when everything again seems new.

Winter to farmers up North means rejuvenation.  Winter in the South is often a little hectic, still pulling the wintered crops with less farm help and trying to set up structure so the busy time of year flows smoothly.

So far this winter has been productive and actually a little relaxing…if those two adjectives can work together.  Now that Justin is full time, we’ve collectively been busting a move.  In the office, I’ve worked hard with Regina on this new website, hired two stellar interns for the season, completed seed orders, amended our crop plans and rotation, finished our organic application for the year, applied for the new EQIP high tunnel grant, and started on our new intern curriculum.  In the field Justin’s cut almost 250 shitake logs (soon to be inoculated), worked on streamlining our compost operation, done lots of maintenance on the tractor, our greenhouse, our market shed and wash station.  Together we’ve fixed *all?* the faults in our deer fence and built a new and improved row marker.  Projects are fun!!

Soon, soon we’re to start in the greenhouse, seeding our first round of brassicas, fennel, leeks, lettuces, celeriac, and a few herbs and flowers.  Can’t wait to see some green cotyledons emerging from our soil.


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